To all mums, dads, grandparents and wherever there’s a child asking:
“Shall we play?”
To those looking for advice from educators, for the most innovative
toys or the latest trends and to those who just want to share
experiences with other parents.
To all those who are assailed by doubts and questions,
and who wonder every day if they’re playing with their kids enough.
To those who are looking for the right present for the right age
and to those who want new ideas to make the most of the time
they spend with their kids.
To all those who don’t know what to do with a toy when
they’re holding it and to those who can’t wait to become kids again
to rediscover the world for the first time.
To all of those “whys?” and “whens?” and above all “hows?”
If you’re asking yourselves how to bring up your kids
in the best way possible, you’re already doing it.
There are no answers to help us grow, just questions.